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The largest range of self-wound overlaminates by IGF Europe

At IGF Europe, we take pride in revolutionizing the world of overlaminate technology with our cutting-edge self-wound overlaminates. These next-generation products offer far more than just protection for the underlying facestock; they bring aesthetics and enhanced functionality to your labels, elevating your packaging solutions to new heights.

What  sets 

self-wound overlaminates apart?

Our self-wound overlaminates are clear rolls of linerless film equipped with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are expertly applied to labels either in-line or off- line on a finishing machine, just before die-cutting. While their primary purpose is to safeguard the underlying construction, these remarkable overlaminates offer a plenty of additional benefits that go beyond basic protection.  

Ease of use and efficiency

We value your time and efficiency. That's why our self-wound overlaminates are designed for seamless integration into your processes. Setting up and changing over a roll of our overlaminates is quick and straightforward, saving you valuable production time. Plus, you won't need any additional equipment such as UV lamps, drying hoods, or mixers, simplifying your workflow and reducing maintenance efforts.

 Aesthetics and functionality 

Elevate your labels to new heights with IGF Europe's premium quality overlaminates that not only shield your graphics but also enhance their visual appeal and performance. 

Versatility and customization

Experience the freedom of variable printing. Our cutting-edge products allow you to tailor your labels to different specifications and designs, ensuring your brand message shines through with clarity and precision. Moreover, our overlaminates can be approved for direct food contact, making them ideal for applications where safety and compliance are paramount.

Strength and durability 

IGF self-wound overlaminates stand out by adding thickness and body to your labels, providing unmatched strength to prevent tearing and damage. Your graphics will be well-protected and capable of withstanding various environmental challenges.. 

Unbeatable protection

 The verdict is clear – IGF Europe self-wound overlaminates are the ultimate solution for those seeking robust protection